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A country weekend : the benefits

Far from the noise and stress of city life our Le French Time campsites are situated in the most peaceful environment. A perfect opportunity for you to make the most of your stay by relaxing  in  the beautiful  countryside over a weekend, or more ,an extra day can do wonders !

Leave work and the everyday household worries behind as you have  now chosen our destination to getaway! The countryside has all the benefits needed  to allow you to refresh  and to clear one”s thoughts .


Our campsites welcome you to our haven of tranquility. We encourage bike rides or walks in order to keep the atmosphere of serenity for everyone. There are vast green areas where you can wander at leisure, places to sit, perhaps under the shade of a tree with a good book or  take an afternoon nap !

Our Le French Time campsites are also very quiet in the evenings. You will sleep like a baby in our accommodation ! No need to set your alarm clock, the morning sun will gently wake you !

Leave your car at the campsite : 

Take advantage of the countryside and enjoy an invigorating bike ride ! Forget the car, most of our campsites have bikes that are available to rent.You can also enjoy the numerous outdoor activities  on offer. Hiking,nautical activities or even the local culinary and cultural aspects of the area. Taking a deep breath of fresh air and absorbing the beautiful surroundings  does wonders.


In the countryside sometimes communication reception is not always easy to capture ! Take advantage of this and have a break from your smartphone and leave it in your room, for once you will be  unavailable and be free to finally make the most of your surroundings.

If you want to remember your stay,  take  a real camera ! then you will have photos forever .

New ideas: 

A weekend away in the countryside also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life.

Take advantage of this time, maybe set aside time to meditate and refocus on your well-being.

If you are going away with family or friends, an escape to the outdoors is ideal for sharing  fun and laughter whilst relaxing in peaceful surroundings totally removed from city life.

Enjoy !

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