60 years of history with Le Domaine de la Faurie

Over 60 years of history of the Castels, we will unveil, each week, new stories about our 4 and 5 star campsites !

Over 60 years of history of the Castels, we will unveil, each week, new stories about our 4 and 5 star campsites !

Today, we shall escape to the Domaine de la Faurie  … Located in the Lot, this 4-star campsite is perched on top of a hill. Christophe Hochart tells us a little more of the  history of this interesting place in the Castels !

Would you like to introduce yourself ?

My name is Christophe Hochart, former director of 3 companies involved in climate engineering, transformed into outdoor hostellerie.


What is your role within your Castel campsite ?

I have multiple functions : from general maintenance of the campsite (green areas, general maintenance of rentals and buildings) through to the implementation and strategy development of the estate. The design of future developments, real estate at the campsite (plans, mastery of work and the final overview) and importantly the development of the restaurant by bringing a personal touch.


Domaine de la Faurie

Domaine de la Faurie


When was your campsite established ? Can you describe it ?

The estate was created in 1994 as a naturist campsite. Acquired in 2000, the campsite has been transformed into a 4-star establishment with 70 sites. I bought the campsite in 2013 and completed the build by increasing that number to 100 sites. Now Domaine de la Faurie is an exceptional campsite, nestled on a hill in the country of Quercy with a indefinite horizon of blue and green, we welcome you to it’s magic !

It really is a true garden of Eden, charming with abundant vegetation is it’s feature. The ancient buildings, made of dry stone and part of the sheepfold is dominated by a majestic dovecote, the emblem of the estate, which has a story to tell one and all. From all walks of life and from all over the world, people can have a life appreciating the tranquility of this place, meeting up over meal, a coffee or a Belgian beer while admiring the sunset, occasionally rocked by the laughter of children … Here, it is so good to spend time in peaceful surroundings, a unique place where one’s imagination can fly….


What are your values, your ambitions for the future?

As previously described, the Domaine de la Faurie allows me to introduce my values such as kindness, generosity, honesty and sharing. The site and my motivation is to offer to our holidaymakers, rest, harmony, and also sharing. I would like the Domaine de la Faurie to become a place where one can disconnect and find  harmony in their lives that is gradually being lost …


Can you give us an anecdote ? Your favourite memory ?

For a birthday, I made a personalised dessert for a couple celebrating 20 years of marriage. When I presented the dessert, the emotion was so strong that I had tears in my eyes …


What is your favourite place in the estate ?

The most beautiful place within the campsite is when you are facing the front of the valley absorbing a breathtaking sunset.


Domaine de la Faurie

Domaine de la Faurie


What is your favourite moment depending on the season ?

May is a time when nature comes alive and the flowers burst into  colour, transforming the view.  It’s magic !


What are your plans for 2019 ?

The creation of a new premium rental area !

And you, do you have an anecdote to share with us about one of your stays at Castels ?

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